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    Planning a Guys Night Out in Dallas

    In the future, Richmond is positioned to experience a migration of larger tenancies to neighbouring markets, as completing suburban parks are able to provide better accommodations. Demand in 2001 was weak when compared to the activity experienced in 2000. This was due to fewer opportunities for space, as evidenced by the very low 2000 vacancy rate (2%) and weakness in the demand from logistics users, whose activity contributed to the record absorption of 4.7 million square feet in 2000.

    Absorption for 2001 plummeted to near zero which, combined with a new supply of approximately 2.5 million square feet, contributed to a 75% increase in the vacancy rate to 3.5% at year-end. This unoccupied space, together with over 10 million square feet of occupied but available premises, will contribute towards increased activity in 2002.

    The Provincial Government’s attempts to stimulatethe economy will impact confidence levels and activity should be brisk in the middle and latter part of 2002. New construction, due largely to lack of traditional financing alternatives, will continue to be dominated by build-to-suit or pre-leased activity.

    Users continue to analyze the larger picture of efficiencies, space optimization and staffing levels when making real estate choices. Opportunities to relocate industrial tenants to modern premises, even at a higher occupancy cost, will continue to drive development property valuations adelaide Corporate Canada continues to realize the benefits of reallocation of real estate equity to core operations, which provides opportunities to reposition these companies and the real estate they vacate.

    Corporate Canada continues to realize the benefits of reallocation of real estate equity to core operations, which provides opportunities to reposition these companies and the real estate they vacate. Atlanta, GA (July 28, 1997).

    Cousins Properties Incorporated (NYSE: CUZ) announced today that it is forming a joint venture to invest in a recently renovated 278,000 square foot office tower and the development of a new 415,000 square foot tower on an adjacent 3.75 acre site in Atlanta’s dynamic Buckhead office submarket.

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    Take advantage of city living by enjoying everything that Dallas has to offer. Urban living puts you right in the middle of some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. After spending a week in Dallas, you’ll realize that it offers plenty of fun places and activities. Keep reading for some tips on planning a guys’ night unlike any other:

    Find the Ideal Spot for Dinner
    Start off the night at a restaurant that has plenty of hearty menu options that will please your stomach and taste buds. Eateries like Angry Dog serve man-sized portions of hamburgers and fries that you can wash down with a refreshingly cold beer.

    Keep the Fun Rolling
    After you have filled up on food, take a taxi to a few area bars to sample the array of beers and spirits. Whether you prefer the live music of Adair’s Saloon, the beer garden at Sydney Property Valuations, or a friendly game of pool at Lakewood Landing, there are plenty of great options where you and your boys can sit back, relax, and enjoy a few drinks.

    Head Back for a Nightcap
    Why should the fun have to end when the bars close? Invite your friends back to your spacious loft apartment and keep hanging out until you are ready to call it a night. Finishing off the night in the comfort of your own home can give you the opportunity to relax. If any of your friends have had a little too much to drink, they can crash on your couch instead of trying to drive home.

    At Verona Dallas, you have easy access to some of the best of Dallas living. Our high-rise apartment complex offers a pool with fountains and a hot tub, a theater, a tanning room, and a doorman to provide access to luxurious city living. To learn more about the property, visit our website or call (972) 764-2022.

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    Decorating a One-Bedroom Apartment

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    In a one-bedroom apartment, the décor can actually help you define the space and create separate zones. Area rugs are a great accessory that can help you separate your space visually. Use your furniture to create boundaries between various areas of your city apartment. Check out this video to learn more about decorating a one-bedroom apartment.

    This is here to help you enjoy the best in Dallas living. Our luxury lofts can help you find style and comfort at home. If you want to enjoy the city to the fullest, Verona Dallas is your ideal residence. To learn more about our property, visit our website or call (972) 764-2022.

    Tips for Greening Your Rental Apartment

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    You are sure to enjoy the experience when you move into a beautiful loft apartment from Verona Dallas. Once you settle in, start making yourself at home by decorating and personalizing your space. Follow these simple tips to design an apartment that is comfortable, inviting, and eco-friendly:

    Unplug When You Can
    Did you know that many of the appliances in your loft apartment may be increasing your energy costs, even when they are not in use? Many electronic items—including those with AC adapters, or “power bricks”—draw in energy even when they are powered off. You can stop wasting energy in this manner by unplugging your appliances. You might also invest in power strips that can turn off multiple appliances when necessary.

    Invest in Window Treatments
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    Go Really Green
    Make your loft apartment a truly green space by starting a mini garden. You can bring different types of plants into your home and incorporate them into the décor. This will add personality to your space while enhancing its eco-friendly atmosphere. Indoor plants can help maintain a cleaner and healthier environment, allowing you to use less energy on cleaning devices.

    These are just some of the simple ways to go green while enjoying urban living. Get more information about going green in your new city apartment by contacting Verona Dallas today. Give us a call at (972) 764-2022 to learn about our gorgeous loft apartments.

    Quick Decorating Ideas for Your New Apartment

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Now is a great time to start a new chapter by moving in to a new loft apartment. Verona Dallas offers a wonderful selection of attractive, inviting, and urban spaces that provide an excellent environment for anyone interested in taking advantage of all that Dallas living has to offer.

    You can easily turn your new loft apartment into your own personal space by adding various decorations that show off your personality. Think about what types of décor themes you prefer and what colors you like the most. Look for real estate valuers that fits in with these items to show off your unique sense of style. If you already have furniture and décor, consider enhancing your items by adding a few new accessories. Simple additions like pillows to a sofa or wall hangings on a bare wall can make a big difference in your new space.

    Get more ideas by visiting Verona Dallas today. Contact us at (972) 764-2022 to learn about our urban living opportunities and see if our loft apartments are right for you.

    Saving Energy this Summer in Your Apartment

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    It turns out that turning off your appliances is not enough to save energy; some devices that are plugged in can actually use energy even when they’re powered off. This is true for common household items such as TVs, computers, and cell phone chargers.

    You can learn how to save energy in your apartment by watching this video. “Voltage vampires” can suck up a lot of energy, leading to higher bills. Unplugging appliances when you leave can help you cut down. You can also invest in power strips to make it easier to power down your electronics.

    These tips are sure to come in handy after you move in to a beautiful loft apartment here at Verona Dallas. Discover why city apartments are a great choice by calling us today at (972) 764-2022.


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