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About Verona Dallas

Welcome to Verona, the first American rental residence inspired by the compelling works of Paris’ Kiron Galerie d'Art.

Tour the collection of exclusive residences and select the space that inspires you, whether it be a one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or penthouse. The sleek architecture and artistic luxury of this exciting, cosmopolitan apartment experience is just so… very Kiron Espace.  If you're looking for a luxury apartment in Dallas, then look no further than Verona Dallas, where life inspires art, but art inspires lifestyle.

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Great Verona Dallas Review

Verona Dallas
Last updated 4 months ago

on Yelp

Outstanding high rise living,professional staff, excellent amenities. After 30+ years in 2 houses nearby...we may never leave Verona..i'm just saying....:)

Scott D.

About Verona Dallas

If you’ve been inspired to live in a luxury apartment in Dallas that you can design to match your style, then call Verona Dallas at (469) 656-3621.

Just Moved In...Love It! | Verona Dallas 5-Star Review

Verona Dallas
Last updated 7 months ago


Maybe still in the honeymoon phase, but the apartments are great! I can't speak for everyone, but my neighbors are relaxed and the atmosphere is very upbeat. I love the amenities and have had a great experience every step of the way. Lots of pets and pet owners...but no bad smells. They really keep the place looking first rate from my perspective!


Thanks Laura! | Verona Dallas ApartmentRatings 5-Star Review

Verona Dallas
Last updated 10 months ago

on Cast page
I never wanted to leave after I moved into my apartment at the Verona and knew I could never find a place as great as it. I lived on the 12th floor with my dog and I never heard anything from the outside or neighbors beside, above or below. Even though I was in an "unrenovated" unit all my appliances were in excellent condition and the unit was very clean. The doormen were fantastic and the maintenance came asap when there were any issues. I loved the trash valet that would pick up my trash twice a week. The courtyards were fantastic for my dogs and bags were always readily available. Plus, the apartment would clean up after the lazy neighbors who couldn't pick up after their dogs. One of the best perks was being able to walk right across the street to the Galleria for shopping & eating. While the building and the road boarded a less affluent area, I never felt unsafe. Especially with all the pass keys to get into the garage, into the elevator, and up to your floor, it would be quite cumbersome job to rob you. There was so much about the place that I miss. I probably would have stayed there if it wasn't for my job relocating me to California. When I moved out, I did a move-out walk through with the manager to ensure we were both on the same page for any damages and I received my entire deposit back (although it did take a few months.) I would recommend this place to anyone looking for great living in Dallas without living in Uptown/Downtown Dallas.

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